Resource Links

wwb-banner-hoopAs a team we count on a wide variety of outside resources for learning new skills, finding parts, learning the rules of the game, and for our personal projects. These are some of the resources we use.

FIRST Robotics

  • 4 teams of engineers worked to build robots in 3 days. Here is the link to their youtube page.
  • The FRC Manual provides all the rules and regulations for our robot.
  • To watch the game animation go here.
  • Have a question about FIRST? A great place to ask is the Chief Delphi forum where you can find answers to almost any question you have about any aspect of FIRST.
  • The New Cool is a fun book by Neil Bascomb that follows a FIRST team through an entire season. Readers get to meet the coaches and students as they advance to the national competition.

Robot Parts

  • Andymark is an online retailer that provides many FIRST-specific parts.
  • McMaster-Carr is an online store that offers lots of hardware and other non-FIRST specific parts



  • Here is the link to our Github

Other Projects

We don’t just work on our FIRST projects all the time. We also like to do other engineering and robotics projects on our own. Here are some of the resources we use for those.

  • The Spark Fun website sells lots of electronic components that we use to start our own projects. Plus, the website includes a lot of very valuable tutorials. You could spend hours on this site.
  • Most everyone has heard of Arduino, a brand of inexpensive and useful micro-controlers. Along with being cool products, their website also has many tutorials about electronics and programming.

Other FIRST Teams and Organizations

One of the great things about the FIRST competition is getting to meet teams from other schools. Sometimes they are from near us. Many times they are from other states or even other countries. Here are just some of the teams we like to follow. If you would like to add your team to this list, please contact us.