The Prototypes

The Prototype designs we worked on to find the best solution for our team in receiving and passing the FIRST Ball. After some initial brainstorming the potential designs 4 main concepts came up, Forklift, Rollers, Clamp and Vacuum. splitting into 4 sub teams we worked on prototyping them over a […]

Our Homework Assignment: How FIRST Makes an Impact

This year Dean Kamen and FIRST gave all the teams an assignment. That was to make a movie that showed how FIRST makes an impact.

For our video we decided to pull together photos and video clips from the last few years and show how, because of FIRST, a bunch of kids from three different high schools would come together and work on a project as a team. A lot of times, the kids on our team don’t know each other until we meet at a FIRST practice. But because we all are interested in robotics, we can come together and work as a team.

Here’s our video. Hope you like it.


Let the Lessons Begin

Last week we began our pre-season in earnest. We are probably going to have almost 20 more students on our team this year than we did last year so we are going to have a more deliberate process for teaching new team members the skills we need. One of the […]

Frisbees and Fourth Fridays

In the Uptown district of our city, Westerville, each month between April and September there is an event called Fourth Friday. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people show up to walk up and down the sidewalks, shop in the stores, visit the vendors, and see their neighbors. This summer we […]